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If you have excess fat from the abdomen that will not reply to diet plan and exercise …

If your abdominal muscles have actually been extended from pregnancy and need tightening …

If you have a stretch-marked tummy or “trimmed” skin from pregnancy

If you desire a flatter or more contoured stomach so that elegant clothes fit you better …

then getting an Abdominoplasty at Tampa Bay Surgical Arts with Dr. Truong or Dr. Lee, will be one of the most life-changing, self-esteem-boosting financial investments you will ever make!


Because Dr. Truong and Dr. Lee are a few of the most qualified, board accredited cosmetic surgeons in the Tampa location, and they have been trained in the most recent medical techniques to decrease scarring and render you the very best outcomes readily available anywhere.

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I want to provide praise to Dr. Truong and his personnel for changing my life and the method I feel about myself. I had desired an abdominoplasty for 11 years and never ever thought my tummy would be as beautiful as it is today, which being stated, in only a month from the surgical treatment. I stongly and highly advise Dr. Truong and staff for any procedure that is required or wanted. The office environment is outstanding, they make you feel as if your in your home and will respond to all questions needed. As well as, just talking with you to see how you are, and so on. Words can not reveal the recognition, in addition to letting anybody that checked out’s this to understand how THanks a lot to Dr. Tuan and staff, you forever changed my life!
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Belly Tuck Details

ttuck3cropped 1 Tummy Tuck TampaAbdominoplasty, also called Abdominoplasty, is an operation that is developed to remove excess skin and fat from the mid and lower abdomen and at the exact same time, tightening up the stomach muscles. Unlike liposuction surgery which simply gets rid of fat, this operation takes care of all 3 tissue elements of a protruding abdominal areas: skin, fat, and muscle. For this reason, it is more considerable than liposuction. The very best candidates are those in relatively good condition however are troubled by a huge fat deposit, excess abdominal skin, and loose muscles that will not respond to diet plan or workout. The surgical treatment is specifically practical to women who have extended their stomach muscles and skin beyond the point where they can go back to regular after pregnancy. Since the excess sagging and stretch-marked skin is removed, there is also improvement in skin quality. The total outcome is a flatter, smoother, tighter mid-section.

During your consultation, we will talk about with you your desires and expectations regarding your body improvement. Dr. Truong will evaluate your total medical condition and go over with you the nature of the procedures offered in addition to the threats and possible complications. Once you are considered a good prospect for a abdominoplasty, Dr. Truong will work with you and together you will customize an operation to that will be particularly suitable for your body and your expectations.

Description of Procedure
Abdominoplasty surgical treatment is carried out under basic anesthesia at a recognized cutting edge surgical treatment center. Prior to your surgery, the amount of skin that is to be eliminated is thoroughly marked. After you are asleep, a laceration is made in the swimwear line. The excess skin and fat in between this laceration and the belly button is removed according to the marked design. The stomach muscles are then tightened up, forming an internal “corset” which creates a firmer curve and well-defined waistline. The upper abdominal skin is then pulled downward and inward to re-drape the recently flattened abdominal shape. The incision is very carefully closed with several layers of stitch. In many cases, the belly button will have an incision around it in a round fashion due to the fact that it is re-positioned on the newly re-draped skin to finish the stomach renewal. In some cases, a temporary drain is left in place to eliminate excess fluid and enable better healing.

In select cases, conservative liposuction can be performed in conjunction with the abdominoplasty. This is usually done in the upper stomach and flank locations to better define those locations and compliment the belly tuck for much more dramatic results.

The surgical treatment lasts anywhere from 2 to four hours, depending upon the quantity of cells to be eliminated. For the huge bulk healthy clients, the treatment is considered an outpatient procedure and you will generally have the ability to go home within a few hours after your surgical treatment.
Mini-Tummy Tuck is a choice for a select group of clients who are close to their perfect body weight however have a small bulge of excess skin below the belly button that does not reply to work out. It differs from the full belly tuck because the incision is shorter and there is no scar around the belly button due to the fact that it does not should be repositioned. Mini-Tummy Tuck can be performed in conjunction with liposculpture to additional refine the stomach curve.

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Recuperation Procedure
Following surgery, a compressive girdle is worn for a couple of weeks. Drains might be kept in place for approximately one week to help prevent the buildup of fluid. There could be substantial discomfort for numerous days following surgery which is efficiently regulated with dental discomfort medicine. A lot of clients return to limited activity like walking in 1 to 3 days, and are back to normal task within a month. However, it might take six months to a year for the body to completely adapt to the recently tightened abdomen. Patients should understand that the blemish is a needed part of the procedure which the mark will continue to change and fade gradually, depending upon the patient’s own wound-healing tendencies. Because the stomach muscles are tightened up surgically, you will not should, and in fact are prevented from, doing sit-ups for up to a year. With correct diet and work out the striking outcomes of the surgical treatment can last a lifetime.